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Iron Man's VTOL

Iron Man's VTOL

A few nice Iron Man Three images I found:

Iron Man's VTOL Iron Man Three
Image by DarthNick You're probably thinking, "Why does Iron Man need a ship?". And you know what Mr. Stark says to that: "Why can't my suit have a suit? A suit in the form of a beautiful VTOL." This ship is powerful, agile, and green. It runs off an Arc Reactor, and can run for up to three months independently. It is armed with a variable weapons systems on the bottom, capable of acting as a light machine gun for infantry or it can fire armour piercing bullets at surprising speeds. It has two fold out missile launchers and two Repulsor Rays. A full visual feed and all data is provided to Tony through the HUD within his suit, meaning only he (or Jarvis) can fly the ship. For the FBTB Wings of Justice Contest.

iPhone 3G Slider Case Combos Iron Man Three
Image by Incase. iPhone 3G Slider Case Mix ‘N’ Match

Ternary Allies Iron Man Three
Image by JD Hancock Close-up of three elemental-themed figures: Gold of the Metal Men, Iron Man of the Avengers, and the Tin Man from the Land of Oz. Photo submitted to the Flickr group Macro Mondays for the "The Periodic Table" theme. -- Learn more about this image at the source. Source: photos.jdhancock.com/photo/2012-03-26-072616-ternary-alli...

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